About The Show

The Beautiful Side of Grief your go-to weekly podcast if you are wanting to hear interviews from people who have moved through heart-wrenching loss or those who are at the coalface supporting this process. It diverse, heart-warming though most of all it is positive and filled with go-to's that you can use yourself. Grief, in whatever form it takes, is one of the most difficult journeys, though I want you to know that you are never alone on your journey, and that there is HOPE, peace and happiness on the horizon if you are ready to find that. 

Need some support? I have created an 8-weekly email offering (available in audio as well) of what helped me through the loss of my daughter, Tahl, at 18 and more recently, the loss of a new partner. Check it out here.

Why The Beautiful Side of Grief?

In 2017 tragedy struck when I lost my gorgeous, bright, sassy teenager, Tahl, in a car accident. We had just reached that magical time of Tahl finding her way in the world and the two of us being great friends, instead of in that mother-daughter role. As Tahl was my only child, and it was just the two of us, my whole world was turned upside down! Though something very special also happened. When Tahl realised she had transitioned she came straight to her mama, as she knew I would be devastated. I remember that moment - every cell in my body was alerting me to something dreadful having happened. And, so began an incredible journey of facing the worst life has offer while being gifted incredible insights that there is more to dying. I was wrapped up in a cocoon of love for 6 months, introduced to the fascinating realm of energy healing to heal both myself and others, and awakened to many life-altering techniques and habits that have transformed my life in so many ways. I often have others mention how strong I am. I don't always agree with this as you simply have no choice but to soldier on. What I did have a choice about was how I wanted to manage my grief and how I could live my life to make this beautiful girl of mine proud of her mama each and every day. From all of this has emerged the beauty.

In 2022 I faced another tragedy when a beautiful soul I met and connected with had his life taken only weeks into our relationship. I had waited a lifetime (well 20+ years!) to meet a partner who I instantly felt at ease with and on the same wavelength. You just know when you have met that person. Once again, I was thrust into a grief that made me question everything once again. I rebounded a bit quicker this time as I used what had worked for me with Tahl. Those tools and techniques that enabled me to be present with the grief yet, see another side to it at the same time. No, it wasn't fair. It was anything but fair. Though once again I was able to see beyond the event to what was being revealed to me. If even for a brief time, it was an honour to get to know this beautiful soul. He has gifted me a new kind of hope for the future.

I believe that there are no 'accidents' in life. That we all have experiences that allow us to grow. My entire life has been an example of that. You can choose to see the light or stay in the darkness. You can choose to heal or be a victim of the dis-ease you've experienced. You always have the choice. Knowing this doesn't stop me missing or grieving Tahl. Though rather than grief consuming me, I allow it the space to be present. 

The incredible people I have the honour of interviewing have similar stories of enduring and overcoming great tragedies. We all do it in our own way. So, their stories are about sharing that wisdom with us, so hopefully, anyone listening can find those stories they relate to that helps them with their grieving process. 



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