Nothing can beat being surrounded by majestic giants, especially in the early evening on a beautiful, sunny day!

I hadn't walked in the Redwoods in Rotorua for years, so thought I would check them out when I felt the need to go for a walk yesterday. I was in for a pleasant surprise when i arrived at the I-Site Centre, it had been transformed and was now home to a treetop walk (and funky individual toilets with fabulous metal carving surrounding each).  I was so impressed with how it has been set up that I just had to try out the series of suspension bridges strung between giant redwoods.

Nothing can beat that feeling you get when you are surrounded by nature. We have so much beauty at our fingertips in New Zealand that it's easy to take it for granted, so part of my journey this year has been to consciously be aware of what is around me when I go for walks - the sounds, the smells, the weather, and of course how it makes me feel. When I practice this I become instantly calm. I am not focused on anything except what I am sensing. My head clears and I am sure every cell in my body calms. And it seems to give me clarity around whatever I am working on.

So being amidst these beautiful Redwoods was a calling to my heart. And having the opportunity to be up among them a bonus. The circuit around the treetops was done fairly quickly so I opted for head down one of the many tracks available. For the most part I was surrounded by nothing but nature, apart from the odd tourist trio or runners. What a treat! 

Ever since I can remember I have had this huge attraction to trees and wanting to be surrounded by them. I can sit and look at them for hours though more importantly they seem to speak to my soul. When I am among trees, and it doesn't matter what kind, I instantly feel my energy lift to a different level. They connect me to something far greater and bigger then myself and I feel even a brief 20-minute walk can shift 'stuff'. I believe that I have had many solutions or directions revealed on my walks, often at an unconscious level ... and so i think this afternoon I will add a water element to the experience and venture for a walk around the Blue Lake. 

This is truly what 'heal thyself' is all about ...

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