Thinking up a website name is DAUNTING!!!!!!! 

What if it sounds crap, or doesn't make sense, or just isn't trendy like those other cool websites that catch your eye and make you want to click into and find out more?

Well, that's the dilemma I faced … do I try to be clever - or do I follow my instincts...

My instincts won out and so healing2bU was born (and then I discovered that some others around the world liked this concept as well :( !!!) Oh well, never mind. 

The reason this name appealed to me so much was that it epitomises the very core of who I am. Growing up I felt like Jekyll and Hyde. There was the Jekyll Helen that everyone saw - the quiet, shy, 'yes' person (I know, what happened, right?!) who tried her hardest to do everything right; keep the peace and generally be at everyone's beck and call. And then there was the Hyde Helen who was hiding a world of hurt and shame; who was desperately trying to find a voice to say, 'No. I don't want to do that' or 'I don't like that' or 'can someone just see or hear me please?'  

To find that voice I had to find me - and so began my journey of discovering who I am. Fast forward many, many years of trying different things - the medical profession, counselling, different types of healing … to find 'me' - the caring, kind, happy person that I knew lived inside of me. There were lots of things that helped - some short term, some a bit longer. It was just a looong, slow process. It felt like scaling Everest annually, falling into the odd crevasse or six along the way.

And then out of the greatest of tragedies came the thing that worked for me. So much so that I don't recognise the calm, chilled person I've become. Worries? Not today thanks! It even led to a spontaneous trip to Utah to meet Dr Bradley Nelson, founder of The Emotion Code and Body Code systems, and becoming a certified practitioner in both codes.

And so yes, I really do believe that I have healed to truly become the person I was always meant to be ….. and its my passion now to help others find their 'U' (whatever that looks like for them:))!

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