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How are you parenting yourself in your grief?

Are you giving yourself the same advice you would give your child?

Sometimes we get so mired in our experience we can forget to take a step back to see the big picture.


In this final episode of Season 6, I speak with Ashmeeta Rama, a resilience and grief support advocate, expert, author, and founder of the Growth Story Hub. Ashmeeta shares her profound journey through intense grief, having faced multiple losses including miscarriages, rejection, and the loss of her parents and husband. She discusses how experiences and self-talk shape our emotional responses and reality. Highlighting the power of gratitude, empathy, and self-forgiveness, Ashmeeta emphasizes the importance of embracing our grief and finding empowerment through it. Join me as I delve into navigating grief, the significance of self-parenting, and Ashmeeta's mission to help others realize their worth and potential through storytelling.




Ashmeeta's Bio

Ashmeeta Rama Madhav is an educator, resilience and grief support advocate/expert, entrepreneur, author, and lifelong learner. She has been intimately acquainted with grief since her early twenties, having experienced miscarriage, rejection, and the loss of her parents and husband, which exposed her to a range of profound emotions.

She is the founder of Growth StoryHub; an organization created to inspire and empower individuals who have lost a loved one (suddenly or to a terminal Illness) and are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, numb, and vulnerable.

At the heart of her book, "What’s Your Story?" is her passion for helping others and sharing her experiences.

Through her book, she shares her journey through grief and self-discovery intending to provide comfort and inspiration to those confronting similar experiences.

Ashmeeta's desire is for others to recognize that profound loss need not signify the end of one's story; rather, it can mark the commencement of a new and meaningful chapter. Her story is one of love, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, growth, and self-discovery. Her mission is to share the knowledge she's gained through her experiences with others to empower the grieving. Her message is one of hope and healing, and she is here to help guide the grieving to feel alive again.


"Don't let experiences define or destroy you. Take them in that light of them being a teacher and draw the positivity out of it, and embrace, empower, and evolve." ~ Ashmeeta Rama Madhav





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Website:     http://www.storyoutellyourself.com

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Book:           https://www.amazon.com/Whats-Your-Story-Reality-Thinking/dp/B0BHRFTR13

Additional links: https://www.griefshare.org/




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