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Grief can crack us wide open. Everything as we once knew it changes, a little in some areas, in others a lot. For many of us now that can result in becoming drawn to spirituality and ascension. Learning to rise above what we have experienced and to live our lives in ameaningful way, in a frequency of love, compassion, and service to others.


Today, Suzanna Kennedy takes you through what led to her own ascension and just what ascension is all about, including how you can move beyond your limiting beliefs to craft the reality YOU want. Suzanna has even developed proven and effective tools that can make this process far less painful, plus offers a special gift to allow you to ease into this process. In fact, Bruce Liptonlists Suzanna as a preferred provider because of her incredible skills!


This is a fascinating discussion we have that may well answer some of the questions or feelings you've had since losing your loved one. If you are ready to transform your grief, align with your highest truth and purpose, and live your most authentic life, then you definitely need to take a listen to this episode! ✨



Suzanna's Bio

Suzanna Kennedy, a renowned Ascension Coach, and the creator of the transformative program, Reality Crafting 5.0. Suzanna's unique approach to personal growth and consciousness expansion has been making waves in the coaching and spirituality fields for over 20 years. The quality of her work is remarkable and she is a referred service provider on Bruce Lipton’s website.

Suzanna has dedicated over two decades to guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys, helping them tap into their higher consciousness, overcome personal barriers, and manifest their desired reality. Her approach is rooted in the principle of "Reality Crafting Through the Diamond Heart," a philosophy that harmonizes quantum physics, spirituality, and emotional intelligence.

Suzanna shares:

[00:02:32] Favourite thing about Hawaii

[00:03:39] How ascension came about

[00:06:13] Clearing of beliefs in cells and sense of purpose

[00:09:41] How people coped with Suzanna's transformation

[00:10:39] Being a divine being

[00:14:39] Connection with everything

[00:15:18] Individual consciousness vs source consciousness

[00:21:14] moving to a higher level of cnsciousness

[00:24:00] what we need to do to level up

[00:24:47] Clearing misinformation

[00:26:00] Losing the fear of abandonment

[00:29:30] Simple, easy, and powerful practices

[00:38:21] Bringing through frequencies from 8th dimension

[00:42:56] Sacred Union - Ascending to 5D

[00:48:39] self Identity

[00:53:28] This is your purpose




"We can take those memories and turn those traumas, those emotional pains into love." ~ Suzanna Kennedy




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