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My guest on this episode, Kim Peacock, is a courageous mum who witnessed the horrific accident of her eldest child just after Christmas in 1998. She had to find a way to make sense of this and go on for her remaining children and husband. - so how do you grieve a child and still manage to live fully for the rest of your famiy? Somehow Kim found a way. Amidst the heartbreak she began to find hope - and to realize that grief and joy can co-exist.


Kim will also take us through her book Victorious Heart - Finding Hope and Healing after a Devastating Loss.


Kim is a wife, mom, writer, speaker, grief mentor, author and CFO of the Construction Company they own. Her blog, Wild Victorious Heart, has been a huge encouragement to others during their life-altering loss of a loved one.



Kim's Bio

When tragedy struck our family right after Christmas in 1998, it was a loss so deep I believed I would not survive. We witnessed the accident that took our daughter Nicole's earthly life. That event rocked the very foundation of my beliefs and my world. I had to find a way to grieve and still live life fully. After struggling in grief -feeling isolated and hopeless - I found hope and healing. I came to realize that grief and joy can co-exist. I became determined to find purpose in my pain and help others who were struggling with the deep sorrow of losing a loved one. My book "Victorious Heart: Finding Hope and Healing after a Devastating Loss" provides useful advice, guidance, and support for those in the midst of grieving.



"...and that's what happens in our lives, even in grief, spring comes." ~ Kim Peacock





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