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Today I am talking to a young guy, John Kimble, who really ventured on the wrong side of life. He wanted to be a gangsta, he had no remorse around the things he did, he robbed houses, sold drugs, had addictions, had attempted suicide a couple of times, had multiple felonies and eventually ended up in a psych ward diagnosed as a sociopath. That's some heavy stuff to go through. Yet, he makes no excuses. He has turned that all around to now having his own fitness centre KimbleFit - and now helps others of all ages find the life they want - through the same means he helped himself.


This is an inspirational conversation of overcoming the self. To pause, center yourself, and reflect on who you are and where you want to head. It's about looking within and at your mindset. We go to grassroot levels of commitment, discipline, and being accountable... incredible wisdom from someone who is just 18 years of age!


And a heads up, we briefly touch on the theme of suicide ideation and what you can do around that.


John's Bio

From psych ward and felonies to fitness trainer and life coach. Coming out to be CEO of KimbleFit, online personal trainer, life coach, and former amateur boxer. Going around helping people heal with their vices, addictions, fitness, nutrition, and mindset, just as he did himself.



"The only thing that really helped me was truly being honest and accountable for my internal feelings, what I was feeling." ~ John Kimble





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