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This is an episode that clearly illustrates the devastating effects trauma and PTSD can have on a person's life.

My guest, Susan Snow, is the daughter of an Los Angeles Police Detective who was ambushed and killed on Halloween night back in 1985, while picking up his then 6 year old son from school. But worse was to come - both she and her mother were called to the school where they witnessed the body and the aftermath. Years later, the school shooting at Columbine High School brought Susan's trauma back to the surface with such a force, that she had no option but to seek help. Five years ago Susan undertook another painful task, reliving these events over and over again, to write her book - The Other Side of the Gun - My Journey from Trauma to Resiliency.

This is an incredible story of the impacts of trauma, how to recognise the signs, and then finding a way to heal.


Susan's Bio

Susan Snow is the daughter of slain LAPD Detective Thomas C. Williams, who was ambushed and killed on October 31, 1985 when she was 17. She is a published author, speaker, and coach. Susan currently works as a Realtor in the Denver Metro area.



In this episode, Susan shares:

[00:02:57] A special memory of her dad

[00:04:13] Teenage Susan

[00:07:48] Susan post her dad's death

[00:10:53] learning to hide behind the mask

[00:15:08] The trigger of Columbine

[00:17:50] The road to healing

[00:20:11] The benefits of journaling

[00:22:04] Rose-coloured glasses

[00:24:32] EMDR

[00:27:20] Trust and the therapist

[00:34:15] You're not broken

[00:34:41] How did it manifest for your brother?

[00:35:59] Stackable trauma

[00:42:08] Repercussions of putting yourself out there

[00:45:06] Finding forgiveness

[00:48:29] Massive turning point

[00:53:09] Having control over my own self

[00:58:15] Coming full circle

... and so much more!



"I feel like it stole and robbed a lot of living from me." ~ Susan Snow





Susan's links:

Website:    http://susansnowspeaks.com

Facebook:  http://facebook.com/SusanSnow

IG:            http://Instagram.com/Susan_Snow1

The Other Side of the Gun: My Journey from Trauma to Resiliency:



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