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My guest, Julia Marie, was just like you and me, until life took an unexpected turn. She had a STE - a Spriritual Transforming Event, that took her away from conventional life and the military to communicating with the spirit world in fascinating ways. And she shares that everyone has these skills, if we choose to tap into them.


Losing her brother at a young age opened Julia to awareness around not ignoring her intuition and that when we are more than our physical bodies. Years later, not feeling a fit with the life she was living led her to the awakening of her skills and a profound experience of mediumship with her brother.


We have a fascinating conversation that explores how Julia was influenced by brother's death, found a life of spirituality to eventually become a conduit for healing and messages from Ascended Masters.



Julia's Bio

Julia Marie was just like you, until a series of Spiritually Transformative Events (STEs) changed everything.

More than three decades later, she is ready to share what she's learned by living life guided by the wisdom within.

She is a gifted trans-dimensional healer, intuitive medium, and experienced spiritual teacher.

Her greatest honor is to provide messages of healing, hope and encouragement from those living on the other side of Life to their loved ones still here. She's served Spirit as a medium for almost 15 years.

Julia Marie provides spiritual consultations to a global clientele, and looks forward to bringing her grounded, practical approach to spirituality to your audience. Her website is www.JuliaMarie.us, and her podcast can be found at www.EvolvingHumansPodcast.com.


In this episode, Julia shares:

[00:03:13] Most unusual job

[00:04:54] Loss of her brother at a young age & lessons learned

[00:08:20] Connecting through a book

[00:11:01] Journey of awakening

[00:14:05] Coping with seeing spirits

[00:15:23] How spirit communicated

[00:18:01] What our loved ones want us to know

[00:20:33] If you think you are not receiving signs

[00:24:13] Why our loved ones don't want us to be sad

[00:25:28] Resources to tap into your intuition

[00:36:36] RET energy healing

[00:38:32] What the team is able to do

[00:41:20] Delivering a Miracle

... and so much more!




"My intent is just to be a clear and perfect channel for whatever is flowing through me to that person." ~ Julia Marie





Julia's links:

Website:  https://www.JuliaMarie.us

Podcast:  https://www.EvolvingHumansPodcast.com

Book - :   https://www.amazon.com/Signals-My-Soul-Spiritual-Awakening-ebook/dp/B0CQS6PXNN/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1XNR018UVHU68&keywords=Signals+from+My+Soul&qid=1703890663&s=digital-text&sprefix=signals+from+my+soul%2Cdigital-text%2C183&sr=1-1

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