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The death of my beautiful daughter, Tahl, led me on a path of discovery... And to an awakening.  The loss was so profound I ceased to view life as I once had. This event forced me to question a lot of aspects of my life and how I was living it... And this led to the happiness I have today.


My guest on this episode, Michael McGinnis, explores this in a lot more depth. He helps us understand that we are ALL on a journey of awakening - we will just do it in different ways and at different times. What's really cool though, is that he has written a series of fictional books that grab our attention and entertain us while imparting these essential messages.


The topic may be a little different though I'm sure you will welcome joining us in this insightful conversation 💜


Michael's Bio

As a change catalyst Michael McGinnis has dedicated his life to the awakening of humanity on a global level. Through extensive self-study and first-hand experience, he has been gifted to serve as a channel for the words the world needs to hear at the most crucial moment in history.

Michael shows that through our perception, we are solely responsible for the joy and contentment we will experience in our lives, therein lying the key to our liberation or the lock that keeps us in the prison of victimhood indefinitely. “When you recreate the world through your perception, you not only recreate it for yourself but all people of the World.”


In this episode, Michael shares:

[00:02:26] Background to wanting to empower people

[00:03:32] Catalyst for his awakening

[00:04:33] Victim mentality

[00:06:10] Conscious awakening

[00:09:09] The Essential revolution

[00:11:15] Channeling the books

[00:13:40] Being open to downloads

[00:16:31] Victimhood

[00:22:53] The gift in opening up

[00:25:50] Signs you're ready to awaken

[00:28:45] Why are we here?

[00:32:06] The Invitation - second book

[00:34:32] Synopsis of all 3 books

[00:36:17] How do we get a different message out there

[00:42:03] Choosing your role

[00:43:44] Standing for Sovereignty




"The best thing you could do is to be the best example of the best version you can be." ~ Michael McGinnis





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