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Falling ill as a doctor dramatically changed Dr Alex Joannou's life. His search for an alternative to surgery led him to exploring a variety of natural healing options including the Chinese philosophy of medicine to improve his own health.


As part of his practice, he developed an integrative form of acupuncture incorporating Indian and Chinese philosphies, designed to raise people's levels of consciousness. He used this system initially to treat physical ailments, though was receiving such great feedback for overall improvement of health that he began using it for patients with various kind of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety and even, bereavement. His patients experienced such a dramatic improvement that he decided to document it in his book, Stick it to Depression: Get Your Life Back Naturally, and share this life-changing tool. Along side of this he also developed a version of the book as a resource for other doctors, with 80% of doctors' consults involving mental health issues... That's astounding! Take a listen, you wont be disappointed!



Dr Alex's Bio

Dr. Alex Joannou, Founder of Transformational Acupuncture International, is the leading global expert on depression and acupuncture, an award-winning speaker, 2x #1 best-selling author, and highly accredited GP. His 40-year medical career spans 400,000 patient consultations and over 60,000 acupuncture treatments. Dr. Alex trains acupuncture practitioners globally to “Stick It To Depression” using Transformational Acupuncture.


In this episode, Dr Alex shares:

[00:01:46] the story of his colourful shirts

[00:05:15] his background of being a GP

[00:05:26] developing Crohn's disease and the journey with that

[00:09:25] developing transformational acupuncture

[00:10:27] patient story with osteo arthritis

[00:13:58] stats around depression and suicide in Australia

[00:16:14] depression related to grief

[00:20:23] why the balancing of our chakras is so important

[00:23:29] taking responsibility for your own healing

[00:26:32] how transformational acupuncture differs from traditional acupuncture

[00:28:23] dealing with needle phobia

[00:30:22] passing the system on to other practitioners

[00:33:12] delivering quicker results

[00:34:57] what conditions it doesn't work well with

[00:36:29] what you can experience from this type of treatment

[00:38:55] results from research group

[00:39:46] tool for doctors

[00:39:46] advice if you're stuck not able to access healthcare in a timely way

[00:45:05] roundup questions

[00:47:30] final thoughts around hope




"There's 280 million people in the world with depression, believe it or not. That's the estimate by the World Health Organization, and I thought,I've really got to try and get that message out there." ~ Dr Alexander Joannou




Dr Alex's links:

Website:   https://stickittodepression.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrAlexJ

IG:           https://www.instagram.com/dralexjoannou/

Twitter:    https://twitter.com/Dr_Alex_Joannou

Book:       https://www.amazon.com/Stick-Depression-Your-Life-Naturally/dp/0648701832



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