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What makes someone resilient?

Is it their ability to navigate a life-long disability?

Is it learning to cope to with the pressures that come with that disability - being left out, feeling different, not fitting in?

Overcoming anxiety and panic attacks?

Is it suffering not one, or two, but multiple job losses when you are the bread-winner?

Is it being left to raise a young baby as you also work, and provide care for your wife who has less than a year to live? Then deeply mourning the love of your life?

Is it raising a child as a widowed dad?


Any one of these would probably produce a resilient person. All of them combined makes AJ Coleman a very compassionate, beautiful, heart-centered guy, who is dedicated to sharing his wisdom with others through our conversation together and through his book 'Keep Those Feet Moving'.


There was loads of info we didn't get a chance to explore, though what we did is a gift to you!


AJ's Bio

AJ Coleman holds several titles, including widower and single father. He’s also overcome a hearing impairment, job loss, and crippling anxiety. Through it all, AJ learned to channel these setbacks mentally and emotionally, finding the new inner strength to reach higher limits. He has embraced, accepted, and grown from his past through self-discovery.

Now, what began as a blog to share his experiences and perspectives has turned into his true passion for helping others also conquer life’s challenges with practical guidance and resources. Despite his obstacles, AJ has a very positive outlook on life. He reminds himself daily of how far he’s come and always remembers to be thankful for each opportunity.

A certified anti-money laundering specialist (CAMS) and fraud examiner (CFE), AJ earned his bachelor of science from the University of Florida–becoming a die hard Gator fan–and MBA from the University of Arizona.

AJ lives in Illinois with his wife, Tracy, and daughter, Zoey. His late wife and Zoey’s mother, Cory, lost her battle with brain cancer at 33. In addition to being a devoted father, AJ loves to travel and learn languages and is an avid Florida Gator football fan.


In this episode, AJ shares:

[00:01:57] Wonderful memory of his wife

[00:05:16] AJ's background

[00:09:14] Getting through the diagnosis and being a first-time dad

[00:13:27] Inner strength and resilience

[00:16:32] Hiding from his hearing impairment

[00:21:20] Being mum and dad - figuring things out

[00:28:12] Navigating the 'mum' questions

[00:33:37] Behinf the title - Keep Those Feet Moving

[00:36:58] The Why and the Where

[00:40:23] Moving from devastating loss to celebration

[00:43:35] A different perspective on job loss

[00:50:39] Additional thought

[00:53:30] Wrapping up

... and so much more!



"I'm moving forward no matter what setback I have, no matter what challenge that is presented." ~ AJ Coleman





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